Monthly Archives: December 2015

10 Miles 10 Pics – Pacific Beach

I just spent 7 amazing days travelling through Nevada and California with my husband and 2 kids. This trip was really great overall (minus the kids bitching and fighting….lol). But, what really made it even better was that I felt as though I was in really good shape going into it. Back in August my husband and I went to Las Vegas for a few days without the kids. It was a fun trip, but I was so unhappy at […]

Top 5 Travel Items

My family and I are travelling to California today for a much needed vacation. Everyone is so excited! When I travel for work or personal reasons, my intention is always to exercise and eat well throughout the trip. BUT if I forget a few key items, I let that prevent me from sticking to a healthy travel plan and it provides an easy excuse not to exercise. So here are 5 things I NEED to bring in order to stay on the plan!  […]

Stop Wishing – Start Doing

Today I felt like crap and working out was the absolute last thing I wanted to do. I was tired, grouchy and whinny. To be honest, that’s how I normally feel before I exercise. There is constant negative dialogue running in my head trying to convince me to take the easy way out. I wish I could just tell that voice to shut up and it would go away forever. But that’s not how it works me. The “good feelings” […]

Running – Not All or Nothing

Running has always been my exercise of choice.  When it was just Jack and I, it was easy. I would bundle him up in the stroller and away we went. I would run for miles and miles and he would sleep peacefully.  Sometimes he would cry, but I had ways to calm him down.  I loved running with him and I took such pride in doing so. I had a crappy stroller but it didn’t matter. I was running long […]