Monthly Archives: January 2016

My Scale Broke…Now What?

5 days ago the unthinkable happened…my scale stopped working. When I stepped on it after my morning workout (naked of course to ensure the lowest number) nothing but zeros appeared. When I took a closer look at it I could see the wires were broken and that I wouldn’t be able to repair it. It had been on the fritz for a while but I didn’t think it would just die on me like that. I was upset. What was I […]

Starting a New Workout? 3 Tips to Overcome the Nerves

Starting a new exercise regime can be very exciting, but also pretty scary too. I know that’s how I normally feel when I’m starting something new…I’m very enthusiastic about it,  but deep down inside I’m more nervous than anything and that negative voice in my head starts messing with me…. So, here are 3 things I do when I’m starting something new. Hope it helps you because it seems to help me 🙂 1 – I remind myself that the […]

Muscle Soreness after a Workout – What Gives?

Have you ever started a new exercise program and the next day your muscles were really really sore? So sore that you could barely sit down or had trouble putting a shirt on… Ever wonder what that is exactly? Well, turns out it’s not your muscles crying because you don’t exercise enough. It’s an actual thing, with a name! It’s called “delayed onset muscle soreness” also known as DOMS. “DOMS is muscle soreness that becomes evident six-to-eight hours following activity, […]