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Feeling discouraged about your weight loss results? Read On…

I want to talk a little about feeling discouraged when starting a new exercise program. Sometimes, when we don’t feel like the results are coming fast enough, or even at all…it can be hard to keep going and stay the course. Before I get into to this in more detail I want you to know that feeling discourage is very normal. Myself personally, I feel discouraged ALL THE TIME.  I started this whole process about 7 months ago, and for […]

How I Became A Morning Person

About 6 months ago I decided that I was going to make health and fitness a priority…once and for all.  And for me that meant exercising every day.  However, I knew that this would be difficult if I didn’t rearrange my current schedule.  At the time I was trying to exercise in the evenings after work, but there were a few problems that came with that. Consistency: I’m not consistent with my workouts when I do them in the evenings. […]