Monthly Archives: November 2016

Mad Love Fitness Approved Meal Options at Kewl Kats Restaurant!

Eating out at restaurants when trying to lose or maintain our weight can be challenging – even for the best of us. Going into a restaurant with the BEST of intentions is common, but will power can fail and 2 things can happen: 1 – You won’t make a healthy choice because there aren’t good options on the menu – or at the last minute you go rogue, order what you want and forget about your goals…. 2 – When you do order […]

3 Ways to get out of a RUT

Have you ever been there? Stuck in a rut and not sure how you got there – or how to get out? Well you aren’t alone. Here’s what happens to me – I start working on a new project or fitness program….and I start off STRONG, excited and pumped about working my way through and reaching my GOAL! Then, a few weeks go by….things start to get a little tougher. I start overthinking. My initial excitement about the project or […]