# 3 – The INSANITY Diaries

Here we are – at #3 already!  The week is speeding by! Today I want to talk about commitment and how joining a CHALLENGE GROUP can help you STAY COMMITTED (even when you don’t want too).

I want to share with you something that I put together last year while I was working through one of the toughest BeachBody program out there – Shaun T’s INSANITY program.

Everyday – I had my son take a little VIDEO of me doing the required workout and I then followed up the videos with journal entries!


1 – I wanted something to keep ME motivated throughout the heavy winter months.  I committed to posting a video every day and I stuck to it! Knowing that I made a promise to myself to do this…and the fact that I made it public made it difficult to quit. Now I have 8 weeks worth of videos and journal entries that can keep me motivated for years to come!

2 – I wanted to motivate YOU! I know how hard it is to workout everyday, and you will see by these posts that it’s not always easy, but if I can do it…so can you. It’s a struggle for 90% of us to exercise regularly.

3 – So many times I’ve started things and haven’t stuck with them. I wanted to find a way to work through the hard “I want to give up” times and get through to the other side. Completing the INSANITY Diaries helped me STICK TO IT!

4 – This was the first time I was ACTIVELY participating in an online accountability group. AND it worked! I was able to finish the ENTIRE Program! Why? Because I had the support of my group and I was accountable to them 🙂


I want you to see that being accountable to a group will HELP YOU work through the days you don’t want to stick to your plan!

2017 is coming and it’s time to PUT YOU FIRST! The first step is reaching out – and I’ll help you figure out:

  • What package is right for YOU!
  • What you need to do from a nutrition perspective
  • How you can get started today (we don’t need to wait for Jan 1)

Email Me Here – And Let’s Take the First Step Together! 



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