I CHOOSE ME! Let’s make February GREAT!

FEBRUARY is in FULL Swing!

And next Monday Mad Love Fitness is hosting a new home fitness challenge group!

The 4 week challenge is called “I CHOOSE ME”.

The reason I am calling it “I CHOOSE ME” is because I want us to remember that it’s so important to put ourselves FIRST. When we put ourselves first (which as women is so HARD to do) we will be better at everything! Better parents, spouses, employees…people!!!!

Here’s how putting OURSELVES FIRST can help us this year:

  • When we want to overeat….THINK – NO because “I CHOOSE ME”.
  • When we want to skip a workout….THINK – NO because “I CHOOSE ME”.
  • When we want to throw everything out the window and quit….THINK – “NO because I CHOOSE ME”.
  • When FEAR is in control and it’s the only thing we can see….THINK – “NO because I CHOOSE ME”.

The EXCUSES come in when we put ourselves last…When the decisions we make are based on everyone else’s needs before our own.

Am I saying to ignore everyone else…Absolutely not  But, we can put ourselves, and our goals FIRST this year and I promise everything will fall into place!

When I put myself FIRST, get my workouts in and eat well – I’m a better and HAPPIER person overall – and that stems into EVERYTHING I DO!

So – if you would like to join this challenge – choose a Mad Love Fitness Package and let’s get started!  All you have to do is email carly@madlovefitness.com and tell me what package you would like and we will go from there!

Your Friend,


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