Turn off the noise.

Ever feel like you are being judged and looked down on…no matter what you do??

WE as humans can have a hard time getting what we want because we let other peoples thoughts and opinions affect how we live and how we see ourselves.

Sound familiar?

You may not even realize that it’s happening – but I know at times I get bogged down by everyone else’s wants, needs and MY IDEA of what their opinions are of me.

Here’s and example. Both ladies see themselves differently but in an equally negative light. And they ASSUME this is how the world sees them too.


Does it mean that’s really how others see them? NO – but they THINK that’s the reality.

Because of this FALSE perception – everything they do during the day is “tainted” by how they see themselves and how they ASSUME others see them too.

The REALITY is that 99% of people are really to busy with their own lives to truly care about what we are doing…and the other 1% are probably jealous and a little insecure because we might be doing something they haven’t had the courage to try.

SO – what’s my point with all this?

Don’t let your own thoughts about yourself and more importantly – your assumptions about how the world see you control YOU. Why? Because it’s not true.

Let’s stop LISTENING to the negative voice in our head (because it’s lying) and let’s stop LISTENING to the negative voice of others (because they are lying too…)

The ONLY THING you are allowed to believe about yourself is HOW AWESOME AND AMAZING YOU REALLY ARE! The rest is NOISE that you don’t need to pay attention to anymore 🙂

Your Friend,