Triathlon Training – Why Now?

This year I’ve experienced some pretty significant changes in my life.

I’ve started a new job in a new industry, my fitness and marketing businesses are growing and evolving AND I had ACL reconstruction in my right knee.

As you can imagine, all these changes required some pretty significant modifications to my routine. None of which I was overly excited about…

When I find something I like or that works for me, I commit. But when unexpected events or circumstances prevent me from sticking to my routine, anxiety and stress will often start creeping in – making it really easy to quit or give up.

Have you been there too? Something changes and it just throws everything off?  

This year – I decided to approach all this change HEAD ON.

Instead of dwelling on the things that I can’t do, I started focusing on the things that I CAN DO!

The perfect example is my decision to compete in triathlon this summer.

My bad knee prevents me from doing a lot of training that I’ve grown attached to and over the last few months and it’s been difficult for me to accept.

So – I decided to shake things up.

I accepted the fact that I can’t run or jump everyday – I just can’t. A few times per week is ok, but any more than that is painful and sets me back.

However biking and swimming are GREAT for my knee! That’s how I decided that I would train for triathlon this year! I picked a sport that I CAN do and stopped focusing on what I can’t do.

Here’s what I did to start training for triathlon – all while continuing to do all the other activities I’ve grown to LOVE!

I started swimming in the mornings!

I bought a NEW bike!

I kept running – just not everyday!

AND – I teach an AWESOME HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class and I cross train with BeachBody On Demand! 

I also spend a lot of time researching triathlon and that alone is a great way to gain NEW PERSPECTIVE! I love reading stories from other beginner triathletes as they learn the sport. That’s why I share my experiences too!


All this variety and more importantly all the CHANGE (that I was so scared of) has taken my fitness to the next level – something I thought impossible a few months ago 🙂

What I have really learned that sometimes what you are most scared of can be really be the best thing for you! Just need to approach it HEAD ON – That’s the key!

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