New Job = New Focus


Everything revolves around work.

When you eat. When you sleep. When you spend time with your kids and family. Work is the centre of it all.

This year – I’ve changed jobs…twice.

Back in February I left my my comfy, consistent and familiar marketing job because the office was being relocated to Kansas City.

I took this as an opportunity to start fresh – and I accepted a role as Director of Marketing at a new company in a new industry.

To be honest I knew it wasn’t for me, right from the start. 

There were many red flags along the way, but I chose to ignore them.

WHY? Because I was anxious and worried I wouldn’t find something else before the office closed for good.

Fear. Sneaky and ever so subtle was in the driver’s seat. 

7 months into the new job – I was seriously unhappy and I knew something had to change.

I was letting work control everything – when I could feel happy, when I could relax, when I could enjoy life…

But, changing jobs so quickly was a terrifying thought. I mean – what would people think? She’s changing jobs again…

STOP. I had to tell myself to STOP.

# 1 – Who cares what people think (I have to actively tell myself this or I forget).

#2 – My husband and kids deserve a happy Mom.

#3 – I have 1 life – and I owe it to myself to live it my way.

#4 – Work revolves around everything – I want to enjoy the work I’m doing especially because it plays such a strong part in my life.

#5 – I was blessed with a NEW work opportunity that just felt right. Time to listen to my GUT.

So, I quit. 

Even typing the word QUIT is hard for me…

The process wasn’t easy and my emotions were all over the place.

However, I had to take control and put myself first.

And for me, that resonates in everything else I do too especially with my health and fitness.

Me first.

When I put me first – everyone benefits especially my family.

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