Finding My Rhythm

In times of stress, I look to exercise for relief…

About 1 month ago, my husband and I separated. And along with that, my comfortable, consistent and reliable routine was thrown out the window.

I can no longer leave the house at 5am and hit the gym…

I can’t stress enough how much I loved this routine. It was my alone time, think time and focus time.

During the first few weeks, self doubt was slowly creeping in…

Everything felt hard and I was constantly questioning myself and my decisions.

Honestly, it would have been very easy to give-up and for the first time in a very long time, I felt like doing just that, giving-up.

But – what I do know for sure, is that giving up will only make me feel worse. I also know that I made the right decision for my kids and I (the most important thing) even though I often lose sight of that.

Slowly but surely, the kids and I are creating a new routine.

I find time to exercise when it fits my crazy work schedule and I make the MOST of the workouts I CAN do.

Is it ideal? No.

But, eventually it will become normal and I won’t even notice that it’s not my first choice where workouts and alone time are concerned.

Moral of the story – Keep moving forward, even when it’s hard…because eventually it will all come together and you will find your NEW rhythm. 

Your Friend,