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The Egg Story

Recently, a wonderful lady whom I coach through my fitness app asked me WHY it can be so difficult to get back on track once you fall off the wagon from a healthy eating perspective. It got me to thinking about my own experience…with McDonald scrambled eggs LOL – trust me, there’s a good point to this story. Here it goes. Over the last few months, I’ve been stopping at McDonalds every morning for coffee…but lately, in addition to the […]

Finding My Rhythm

In times of stress, I look to exercise for relief… About 1 month ago, my husband and I separated. And along with that, my comfortable, consistent and reliable routine was thrown out the window. I can no longer leave the house at 5am and hit the gym… I can’t stress enough how much I loved this routine. It was my alone time, think time and focus time. During the first few weeks, self doubt was slowly creeping in… Everything felt […]

New Job = New Focus

Work. Everything revolves around work. When you eat. When you sleep. When you spend time with your kids and family. Work is the centre of it all. This year – I’ve changed jobs…twice. Back in February I left my my comfy, consistent and familiar marketing job because the office was being relocated to Kansas City. I took this as an opportunity to start fresh – and I accepted a role as Director of Marketing at a new company in a […]

4 Things I Learned from Triathlon

It’s been 1 month since I completed my first Half IRONMAN Triathlon in Whistler, BC. To be honest, I’m still surprised I did it…I signed up for the race on whim and without truly thinking it through. I tend to do that sometimes. Even my decision to train for some local triathlons here in Manitoba was a quick decision based on the boredom I was feeling with my current workout routine and the fact that I was craving competition. On […]

Triathlon Training – Why Now?

This year I’ve experienced some pretty significant changes in my life. I’ve started a new job in a new industry, my fitness and marketing businesses are growing and evolving AND I had ACL reconstruction in my right knee. As you can imagine, all these changes required some pretty significant modifications to my routine. None of which I was overly excited about… When I find something I like or that works for me, I commit. But when unexpected events or circumstances […]

To track or not to track.

Here’s the scoop.  I’ve used many wrist heart rate trackers in my day ranging from several versions of the Fitbit all the way to an Apple Watch. Your heart rate is essential when estimating how many calories you burn during your workout. In very general terms, the higher your heart rate during a workout – the more calories you are going to burn. Your age and weight also come into play, but basically your heart rate plays a huge role […]

Turn off the noise.

Ever feel like you are being judged and looked down on…no matter what you do?? WE as humans can have a hard time getting what we want because we let other peoples thoughts and opinions affect how we live and how we see ourselves. Sound familiar? You may not even realize that it’s happening – but I know at times I get bogged down by everyone else’s wants, needs and MY IDEA of what their opinions are of me. Here’s […]

I CHOOSE ME! Let’s make February GREAT!

FEBRUARY is in FULL Swing! And next Monday Mad Love Fitness is hosting a new home fitness challenge group! The 4 week challenge is called “I CHOOSE ME”. The reason I am calling it “I CHOOSE ME” is because I want us to remember that it’s so important to put ourselves FIRST. When we put ourselves first (which as women is so HARD to do) we will be better at everything! Better parents, spouses, employees…people!!!! Here’s how putting OURSELVES FIRST can help […]

Putting It All Together! Top Reasons to Choose Mad Love Fitness in 2017!

The Eve of Christmas Eve! Over the last few days I wanted to share with you the TOP 7 REASONS why BeachBody Home Programs through Mad Love Fitness are the right choice for you in 2017!  Here’s the current list of what you have access to when you decide to join Mad Love Fitness! # 7 – BeachBody On Demand – the Netflix for workouts – gives you easy access to home workouts. # 6 –  30 Day Money Back Guarantee ensures […]

# 3 – The INSANITY Diaries

Here we are – at #3 already!  The week is speeding by! Today I want to talk about commitment and how joining a CHALLENGE GROUP can help you STAY COMMITTED (even when you don’t want too). I want to share with you something that I put together last year while I was working through one of the toughest BeachBody program out there – Shaun T’s INSANITY program. Everyday – I had my son take a little VIDEO of me doing […]