Week 2 (January 18 – 23)

January 18, 2016

Day 8 – INSANITY – Cardio Power and Resistance

This one is best to watch with the volume…Nothing like trying to do 1 million power jumps while your kids are whining in the back ground!

With that said, I am now able to do many more power jumps…and faster too within the allotted time so that makes me very happy!



January 19, 2016

Day 9 – INSANITY – Pure Cardio

Blah. That’s what I’m feeling today. It’s cold. I’m tired. It’s Tuesday…Blah.

But, I worked out because it makes me feel better…even if I’m not hitting it as hard as I would like I’m still getting it done. Because it’s the consistency of doing it every day that gets me results. PLUS, my kids wouldn’t know what to do with themselves if I skipped a day…lol I wouldn’t want to cause unnecessary confusion in the home! lol


January 20, 2016

Day 10 – INSANITY – Cardio Power

Ok, so I felt much better this morning, however I couldn’t find my good workout pants so that was super annoying. How I could have misplaced them when I spend so much time in them…I’m not really sure…But I’m sure they will pop up sooner or later.

Also, when is the era of darkness going to be OVER! I almost hate the darkness more than the cold….Whatever. Gotta get it done!

Finally, I’ve been doing CIZE during the evening…not ready to post that video just yet…


January 21, 2016

Day 11 – INSANITY – Cardio Recovery and Max 30 INSANITY ABS

So I found my good shorts. Thank Goodness. Turns out they were hanging up on a hook in the bathroom…It’s interesting that I didn’t look for them in the exact spot that they should go!

Also, this week the INSANITY calendar calls for the addition of the AB workout. It’s only 15 minutes but it’s time to start adding it in. It’s going to really help sculpt those abs!!!! Today I opted for the 10 minute ABS from INSANITY Max 30…I was short for time today.

You can see from the video that I should be getting my butt lower…whatever…I was still feeling the burn! lol


January 22, 2016

Day 12 – INSANITY – Plyo Cardio Circuit

I did the wrong one 2 days ago. Just a note to the INSANITY crew, when the calendar say “Cardio Circuit” they mean Plyo Cardio Circuit, the first DVD…Just in case you were confused too!

Kate was in a much better mood this morning which is always wonderful!

I did Max 30 Friday Fight today too. I just have a lot of energy. Also tomorrow I might not be able to workout because I will be taking a fitness course in Winnipeg tomorrow. So that means I will soon be able to teach my own classes as a certified instructor. I’m so pumped and excited to be able to do that!!!!

Anyway, here’s a video of the warm up. Happy Friday