Week 5 (Feb 8-13)

February 8 – INSANITY _Max 30_Cardio Month 1_Class Practice

Day 29

I’m tired and my period is coming. Enough said.


February 9 – INSANITY _Max 30_Cardio Month 2_Class Tonight!

Day 30

30 Days Guys!

I’m am soooooo impressed with every one and how hard you have all been working.

Keep working hard!!! The pay off is going to be soooo worth it!



February 10 – INSANITY – Max 30 – Sweat Month 2

Day 31

I was pretty tired this morning…and grouchy. Not sure why.

It’s doing it the days that we DO NOT want to do it that really get us to where we want to go.

As you’ve probably noticed in most of my posts, more often then not I don’t really feel particularly awesome about working out! BUT I feel great after…always. So I do it anyway.

Did you guys workout today? I know you might now want to do it, but do it anyway…put your sports bra on, tie your hair back in a messy bun and get going. You will feel better (100% guaranteed).



February 11 – INSANITY – MAX Cardio – Original 

Day 32

Hello, did the Max Cardio from INSANITY Month 2.

I love this one. Although I did skip the stretch because I was running super late this morning.

And this move is really hard, even though it just looks like I’m hopping around aimlessly! lol


February 12, INSANITY – Friday Fight Month 1

Day 33

Ok, so I’m not going to lie. I was super tired this morning. I barely slept, and last night I did the routine for my Tuesday class…as hard as I could…because I wanted to see exactly how difficult it was.

For me, doing really hard cardio before bed is a recipe for disaster because I just can’t sleep. And this morning I was feeling pretty sore from last night’s session. So when I woke up I was pretty uninterested in doing very much.

I think that’s why I am going to start CIZE in March. I’ve been doing INSANITY for 6 straight months now and although my body can take a beating, I think switching it up will be good for me.

So going to finish my 60 day diary and then try something new…I know…it’s shocking that I would attempt something as crazy as dancing, but I’ve done a few of the workouts and they burn a lot of calories!

Anyway, here’s my video for today 🙂 Soooo happy it’s a long weekend!



February 13, INSANITY – Max Cardio Circuit – Month 2

Day 34

Sorry I didn’t post this sooner. Was running around all day.

Haven’t done this one in awhile and it’s a killer. But in a good way!!!

Basically 55 minutes long. It’s the longest one of month 2.

Just want you girls Natalie Tougas Shelley Gagne Nadine GosselinShannon Stevenson Golemme to give yourselves enough time.