Week 6 (Feb 15 – 20)

February 15 – INSANITY – Max Plyo and Pure Cardio (Saturday and Sunday)
Day 35 and 36 
So started Month 2. I forgot, it’s tough. I woke up with DOMS this morning!
I normally don’t post a journal entry for Sunday, but it was a long weekend so I took advantage and got an extra workout in. Cheers to Month 2. I love month 2.  Real results start in this month.
February 17  – INSANITY – Max 30 Cardio and ABS
Day 37
Tired today. Same old. (I didn’t film yesterday because I was practicing for my class). But, always feel good when I’m done. Best way to start my morning is with a workout. My class was AWESOME yesterday though! Working out in a group can be so motivating especially since we are all in it together!
February 18 – INSANITY Max Cardio Circuit Month 2
Day 38

I was so not into this today. Like not even a bit. Had a shitty sleep, shitty day yesterday (anything that could go wrong did)….But I did the workout. Slowly though and I took it easy. There is always that option too. Do it, but don’t try and kill yourself. Today I took it slow. I told myself before starting that I was going to take it slow. It’s much better than not doing it at all…

February 19 – INSANITY Pure Cardio 
Day 39

SO, I had some major issues this morning. None of my DVDs are playing in my computer….GRRRR Like seriously wanted to chuck my computer against the wall. BUT luckily I have BeachBody On Demand so I could still get my workout in…. It was tight from a time perspective…but where there’s a will…there is way! Also I’m LOVING the white socks!

February 20 – INSANITY Max Sports Conditioning
Day 40
I was a little leary about it when I started cause it seemed slower but turns out it was AWESOME. Totally something I should be doing once/week especially if I want to run the 1/2 marathon in May.

BeachBody On Demand is really something I’ve started to love. Especially as I’m getting to the end of this 3rd round of INSANITY and looking for new stuff to try.