Week 7 (Feb 22-27)

February 22 – 22 Minutes Hard Corps and INSANITY Pure Cardio

Day 42

Hey guys! For all of you who can access Beach Body on Demand, you need to try out 22 Minutes Hard Corps!

It’s only 22 Minutes and it’s a great workout. It’s not crazy and you can all do it!

Here’s my video from this morning!


February 23 – BOD and Class Practice

Day 43

This morning I had to leave really early for work. But I still workout! But only for 25 minutes. I’m teaching tonight, so I go easy on Tuesday’s because of that.

So, I did the featured workout on BOD (Beachbody OnDemand) which was Hammer and Chisel Legs or something, then I did some practice for my class tonight.

Good times! Also the 19 girls who showed up at my class tonight ROCKED it!

I can’t wait for spring….I can’t wait for spring…I can’t wait for spring…



February 24 – INSANITY Plyo Cardio

Day 44 

Good thing I have BeachBody On Demand!

The DVD player on my computer is officially done. So BeachBody OnDemand is my only option to get my workouts in!


February 25 – INSANITY Max cardio

Day 45

Tired today. Daryl came home late last night so did this in the evening.

Back to my normal routine tomorrow.



February 26 – INSANITY MAX 30 – Friday Fight (Month 1)

Day 46 

Finally figured out how to take better videos. Clearer anyway. Lol


February 27 – INSANITY Max 30 – Cardio (Month 2)

Day 47 – 48

I forgot to post my video for yesterday and I don’t normally post one on Sundays so here’s my make good.

Almost done the 6 weeks! Getting ready to start something new